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4th-12th Grade Camp Details!

3-Week Camps: The Little Mermaid
Weeks 1 & 2 at the Academy studio in Fort Collins:
4019 S. Mason St. #2
Week 3 at the Candlelight in Johnstown: 4747 Marketplace Dr.

First Session (4th-8th): June 26 – July 14
Performances: July 16 & 17
All camp weeks run 9am-3pm
Week 1: Monday-Friday, Week 2: Wednesday-Friday
Week 3: Tuesday-Friday

Second Session (9th-12th): CAMP FULL
July 11 – July 28
Performances: July 30 & 31
All camp weeks run Tuesday-Friday, 9am-3pm

Third Session (4th-8th): CAMP FULL
July 25 – August 10
Performances: August 11 & 13
Weeks 1 & 2 run Tuesday-Friday, 9am-3pm
Week 3 runs Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm


K-4th Grade Storybook Theater presents Lollies!

Monday – Thursday at the Academy studio in Fort Collins:
4019 S. Mason St. #2 from 9:30am-3:30pm
Friday at the Performance Venue from 9:30am-2:30pm
Friday Evening Performance

First Session (K-4th): June 12 – 16
Performance on June 16, at the Fort Collins Senior Center

Second Session (K-4th): June 19 – 23
Performance on June 23, at the Fort Collins Senior Center

A delightfully sweet British musical set in a Lolly Shop where the candies overhear that their beloved shop is closing! Will they find themselves tossed on the cold shelves of a supermarket? Then someone goes missing and Mint accuses Chocolate Bar of foul play.
Fudge becomes the self-appointed judge while Truffle goes behind the scenes to investigate. Marshmallow pleads with the other Lollies to believe in her dear Chocolate Bar. All the while, what about the shop closing?! How will it all end? We long for a sweet ending.
Don’t let the candy theme fool you; this show is packed with songs and dances and the characters are quite developed. There’s a lot going on in this show!



Jalyn Webb

Not only is Jalyn known as a singer, actor and theatre mainstay in Northern Colorado, she has also been passionate and involved in arts education in Northern Colorado since 1990. As a college student, Jalyn began teaching classes at the Colorado Academy of the Arts in Fort Collins, where she also performed with the touring groups ENCORE and eLeMeNO-P. She was passionate about sharing her love of the arts, which is why The Academy exists today. She can’t wait to meet you!

Our Classes

What We Offer

Rock the Jukebox

Rock the Jukebox is a fun-filled journey through the music of the 1950’s to the 1990’s! From hits like “Rock around the Clock”, “Old Time Rock and Roll”, to the Beatles, The BeeGees, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, through the magnificent 80’s and 90’s with boy bands, The Spice Girls, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, and more..
Each class will learn vocal parts, harmonies and choreography to put it all together!

Ha-Ha House – One Act Play

Take the gruesome fun of a haunted house and transform it into a play and what do you get?  Ha-Ha House!  As the story goes, Brewster Havershome went bananas when his wife died — he was hauled off to the loony bin laughing insanely.  They say he killed her himself!  So naturally, four teenage girls are petrified when they stumble into the Ha-Ha House in search of a phone.  With a gaggle of goofy teenagers (one with a broken knee), two small-time crooks and a death-defying scramble to find the treasure, and escape alive, you have a fast-paced comedy full of delight and fright!


Create dynamic characters in an instant while learning skills to improve character development and in-the-moment acting choices. No script, no casting, no fear! Come create fun scenes while learning the art of improvisation!!

Our Partner

Arts Reach Foundation

Arts Reach Foundation, Inc. is the non-profit scholarship and fundraising arm of The Academy by Divabee. As such, Arts Reach Foundation, Inc. provides support to students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in a quality performing arts education program and productions. This is accomplished through monetary scholarships, work credit, and outreach programs to local public schools. Arts Reach also recognizes that not all production expenses are always covered by tuition and ticket sales. To this end, Arts Reach is available to patrons of the arts wanting to make tax-deductible donations and participates in other fundraising efforts to help cover operational and production expenses.
The Henry Academy of Dance is a local school specializing in the training of ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern, and tap dance techniques.  The mission of the Henry Academy is to provide mindful and effective training to produce exceptional dancers who are prepared for advanced finishing programs, professional careers, and lifelong movement.  The Henry Academy is a place where every individual receives impeccable dance instruction in a safe, nurturing environment.  Their biannual performances are thrilling, entertaining, and beloved among audience members.  Contact them today for an opportunity to join the program!

"My daughter has had the opportunity to take classes during the year, participated in summer camps, and most recently was part of the middle/high school musical as well as private voice lessons both in person and now through Zoom/online teaching with Jalyn. I have always been impressed with her growth and skills she obtains with many of her classes and teachers while having the most fun and being creative."

Natalie Phillips

"I’ve been apart of the academy since 2013 and can honestly say that it is the best thing I’ve ever been apart of! Whether it was putting on a show or taking classes or helping out, I took every opportunity to be apart of this wonderful program! As a graduated senior I am so grateful for all the amazing opportunities I’ve had with the academy to perform, learn, grow, and most importantly, to find what we like to call our heart family (or the family we choose!) Additionally, as someone who didn’t get many opportunities at my high school I was so grateful to have the academy to pursue my love of theatre!"

Daye Waldner

"Jalyn and her team are simply the best! If your kiddo has a desire to experience just what musical theatre entails...this is the place! Fun, excitement, creativity, constructive encouragement and just an overall phenomenal experience in one spot. Get signed up for the incredible shows [and classes] coming up, they are popular and will fill up quickly!"

Donica Moir

Who We Are

Meet Our Teachers

Attracting aspiring musical theatre actors from all over, The Academy By Divabee musical theatre school gives students the opportunity to study their craft with like-minded students and professionals who have launched their musical theatre careers. Students learn and hone their skills in acting, singing, and dancing in world-class facilities.


Frequently Asked

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

-All State and County mandates will be followed.

-Social-distancing as necessary

-Strict Adherence to staying home if you do not feel well at all - this is SUPER important!

-Regular cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day

What should students bring to class?

-writing utensil

-Water bottle

-Appropriate shoes - dance shoes or clean close-toed shoes you can move in. We have a dance floor that REQUIRES new, soft-soled shoes. Outdoor shoes cannot be worn!

-Any materials that your teacher may give you (always a good idea to have a binder or folder for papers)

-a good attitude!

How do I register for camps and classes?

If you are a new student, please create an account here.

Specific registration information can be found on the 'Our Classes' page or at the top of this page. 

Cancellation Policy

Please contact if you need to cancel your registration.

10-week  or semester classes and productions can be cancelled for account credit for future classes and camps.

Summer camp productions have specific dates for cancelling for a refund with deposit or account credit.  Please visit the detailed Summer Camp pages for those dates. 

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